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Jul 3, 2019

This is my first Podcast Indra-View in English with Expert Eric Feng from Singapore. The president of the Asian Professionell Speaker Federation Mr. Frederic Haren introduced me to him this year. While we were listening to his speech my wife said: „Darling I really like this guy.“ He is the author of the bestselling book „Unlock Your Personal Charisma“ and in our conversation we talked about:

1) Why one promise can change your life! (Eric’s story!)
2) Do you know the „The World Poverty Clock?“ (How Eric became rich!)
3) The power of a Meritocracy System (Why so many people need Eric’s Power Mind!)
4) How the TOP 5 people in our live will influence our future! (Who was Eric’s No.1 and No.2)

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About Ethan:

I am Ethan Indra, the female voice in the Podcast belongs to my wife and together we are parents of our very cool daughter.

With our supporters we believe in the vision to support disadvantaged kids by financing education so that they can live a self determined life.

In my podcast I love to listen to the influencing stories and insights from our guests.